Emily No-Mess

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this the worst mess you've ever seen?

Probably not. And if it is, then it will make great "before and after" pictures! And hiring a Home Organizer will change your life!

What will it cost?

It Depends! Please fill out the "contact" form here on my website. My rates are very competitive with similar services, and I won't take on a project that isn't worth doing.

Where did you learn to organize?

I will invite you to read "About Emily." You'll learn that my formal education is in Interior Architecture, which is essentially space planning (organizing). I chose to earn that degree because I have always loved organizing spaces. Since deciding to become a Home Organizer, I've been reading and studying ideas specifically on that, so I feel that I'm prepared and qualified to help you!

Do I need a Home Organizer?

You're welcome to fill out a contact form for me to tell you for sure. I'm happy to answer a few questions if that's all you have, or we can schedule an assessment to know what's going on. If you have goals for spaces that you aren't reaching, you can use a Home Organizer. If you are always running late, you can use a Home Organizer. If you findĀ  yourself buying duplicates of stuff you already have but don't know where it is, you can use a Home Organizer. If you have any expired food in your refrigerator (check your mustard) or your pantry (do you have opened boxes of cereal nobody remembers opening?), you can use a Home Organizer. During your home assessment, we'll talk about things that are working, things that aren't working, and goals. I'll work out a plan to help you SIMPLIFY, STREAMLINE, and SAVE time and money!