Emily No-Mess

About Me

My name is Emily Ohmes, which is conveniently pronounced "Oh-mess" and leads me perfectly to my career of choice as a Home Organizer and my desire for No Mess!

    I have always loved organizing and re-arranging spaces! As a child, I remember moving my furniture in my room around in a different configuration regularly... often seasonally. I guess it's a good thing I didn't have much furniture then - a twin bed, a shelf unit, and some stacking crates.

    Years later, when I had to pick a college major, Interior Architecture sounded perfect for me! I loved the idea of getting to arrange spaces, and I always tried to focus on sustainability and being resourceful.  I realized about half-way through school that the actual job of an Interior Architect feels just like an architect, where you rarely meet with the actual client and projects may drag on for years before (if ever) coming to completion. So I wasn't sure I wanted to work as an Interior Architect, but I loved my years at Kansas State University and graduated with my Interior Architecture degree in 2003.

    In college, I gained experience in a nice retail store. It was an independent store filled with interior furnishings, and I got to work there for 4 years, arranging store displays and organizing backstock before I became a mother. I love my kids and have learned a ton from being a mom, but I found myself studying HGTV while rocking my babies. I still love organizing spaces and helping people, so I realized I should become a Home Organizer!

    I love for the home owner to help me, and being involved helps me to make sure everyone is happy with what's happening, especially if not everything is going back in the space - I need you to tell me what goes and what stays. I love to give helpful ideas while I'm organizing to teach others how to maintain their organized spaces. I also want you to be able to keep up the systems I implement, so having your help is crucial to me learning how you think and you learning about changes you may need to make in your habits and routines. I hope to help you organize the beauty in your mess!